At CrossFit Realm, we are a community of like minded individuals from various cultures, ages and levels of fitness. What brings us together is a passion for fitness and healthy living and the desire to get in the best shape of our lives.

When you join us at Realm, you are competing against yourself and not others. In fact, our exercise classes are done in group workouts, where your fellow athletes encourage you and help you push beyond your boundaries and achieve goals you never thought possible. You may not always finish the training first, but even when you finish last, you get a round of high-fives for pushing yourself as hard as you can and getting results.

Everyone has the same challenge: to push past the pain and overcome obstacles to get stronger and fitter. Because of that shared goal, everyone is on the same team. We are all in this together and all trying to succeed. Regardless of your personal goals or objectives, you will find a kindred spirit in your fellow CrossFitters at Realm.