Intelligent games

It is commonly thought that intellectual exercises, such as solving crossword puzzles or playing chess, are best helped by brain youth and memory. However, according to scientists from the University of Edinburgh, this is not quite the case. After 60 years, it is exercise, not mental, that will help to stop the drying of the brain and to delay the manifestations of signs of aging.

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The study

The study’s findings are published in the highly respected medical journal Neurology. Data from a tomographic survey of 638 people of retirement age showed that those who actively exercised for three years had a slower brain volume.

And the exercises should not be exhausting and age-appropriate, that is, spare the heart and joints. It is enough to walk 2-3 kilometers every day and do in the morning a small complex of physical education (with an emphasis on smooth aerobic exercises – that is, associated with breathing training – and muscle strengthening).

But surveys of those who did not engage in physical education, preferring only “food for the mind,” showed: only intellectual recharging, alas, does not slow down the rate of drying of the brain.